Parent Council

The Parent Council is made up of representatives from each class in the Infant school, meetings are held half termly with a senior member of staff in the school.  The aim of the Parent Council is to further develop and improve two-way communications between the staff and parents, so as to benefit the children and their experiences of school and learning. Where open lines of communication can be created we are more likely to have meaningful discussions that result in successful decisions that are agreed and understood by all.

The views or parents in each class are requested prior to each meeting. All parents receive a letter notifying them of when the next meeting is taking place.  Parent can use a variety of methods to share their views, first they can speak directly to the class Councillor, secondly they can use an online link on the letter notifying them of the upcoming meeting to raise points that will be shared with the class Councillor lastly that can email their views to the school office who communicate these with the senior members of staff before the meeting.


The minutes of each meeting are shared via the class representatives and on the website on this web page. Your class Councillors for this year are shown below and they are happy to discuss the outcome of meetings with you. If you have a questions or items you wish to have raised in the meetings please speak to them. Items should be of general interest and not be a single query regarding yourself or your child. Feel free to tell us the things we are doing well as well as suggestions for improvements or new ideas.

How the PC has had impact so far

  • Concerns about parent behaviour and site safety queries have been raised and individuals have been identified and spoken to by the SLT or adaptations to safety protocols have been implemented

  • Parents have received clarification on risk assessments protocols, club activity allocations and proposed year group swimming sessions

  • Parents with individual concerns have been signposted to the appropriate line of support regarding lunch choices and class based concerns

  • Parent Council and Junior Parent Forum work in collaboration having designated joint meetings during the year,

  • Parent Council members are part of the Friend of Hamstel Fundraising group and ideas and expertise are shared across site

  • Electronic means of sharing parent views is working to broaden the reach of the Parent Council

Parent Council Representatives 2021-22










Ms J Anastasiou & Ms L Carter

Ms L Walter & Ms K McCrae

Ms K Loads

Mr P Challen

Ms K Loads

Ms L Bailey

Ms S Judd

Ms J Anastasiou

Ms J Mayo

We welcome additional Parent Council representatives.

If you are interested in being a Parent Councillor for any of the year groups that are not currently represented please contact Mrs Morris via the school office –

Parent Council Meeting Minutes