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Our September new starters

Thank you for choosing Hamstel Infant School and Nursery!

We would like to warmly welcome all new families and the children who will be starting with us in 2023.

We hope that the information on this page will answer some of your questions you may have about your child starting school in September.

Transition from Pre-schools and Nurseries

We have been visiting as many pre-schools and nursery settings to find out a little bit about your child and where they are with the learning.

A letter will follow shortly to let your child know who their new teacher will be, which class they will be in as well as dates and times for all our transition events.


Transition Events:

Online Teacher Parent Meetings: We will be arranging online meetings from the new teachers to you and your child so we can introduce ourselves and find out more about your child.


Induction Meeting for Parents: We will be holding an induction meeting for new Reception parents on Wednesday 28th June at 2.30pm or Thursday 19th June at 7pm in the school hall.

Home Visits: Home visits will take place on Monday 4th September, Tuesday 5th September or Wednesday 6th September.


Stay and Play Sessions: We will be inviting every child to two short stay and play session. The first session will take place on Thursday 7th September, parents and carers are welcome to join their child for this session. The second stay and play session will take place on Friday 8th September, we will be encouraging children to stay for this session without their parent/carer.


Reception Curriculum Meeting: We will be holding our Reception Curriculum Meeting during the Stay and Play session without parents/carers on Friday 8th September at 9.05am or 2.30pm. This meeting will last approximately 30 minutes .


School Taster Day: Your child will be invited to attend school for one full day on either Monday 11th September or Tuesday 12th September, 2023. Children will be with half of their class, allowing them to get used to the daily school routine in a smaller group. Children will need to wear their school uniform on this day and will order a school meal that will be eaten in the school hall with their classmates.


Starting School Full Time: ALL children will start in Reception on Wednesday 13th September, 2023


Facebook: We are very keen to get to know the children as much as possible and have therefore set up a Facebook page just for parents with children joining us in September. We would love you to share photographs and information about what you have been up to and we will be posting ideas of activities you can do at home in order to prepare them for Reception. The Reception teachers will be part of this group and will be responding to your posts as a way of getting to know you all before the summer.

To join our Facebook group Hamstel Infant School – Reception 2023 please click here.


We have compiled a list of activities to prepare your child for big school.


BBC Resources: The BBC have put together a range of articles, videos and games to help you prepare you child for starting school.

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