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Year 1 History off the page

Year 1 travelled back in time with History off the Page! They were transported back to 1666 as part of their topic “The Big Smoke” looking at the Great Fire of London. Children swapped their usual school uniform for breeches and aprons as did the staff! Children in Newt Class said that they enjoyed dressing up as it made it feel real.

The dining hall was transformed into London in 1666 complete with different shops from the time. Master Craig took the children on a journey through London. Children could have a go at candle-making at the chandlers, making bread at the bakery, weaving, sewing and leather-work. Many children also took a visit to the Barbour surgeon who was able to diagnose various ailments and give a glimpse into the gruesome side of medicine in the 17th century!

The experience was child-led with children choosing what activities they wanted to do whilst being given news stories about how the fire was spreading, allowing the day to be completely immersive.

In the afternoon, the children became archaeologists, excavating the remains of different properties to help identify the owners of the artefacts. This helped them to develop and use deduction, reasoning and historical enquiry. Finally, the day ended with a demonstration of metal work and the creation of a pewter medallion!

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