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Travelling by Tuba assembly

On Friday 5th October 2018 KS1 were wowed with an assembly from the ‘Travelling By Tuba’ performance group. With the help of the two presenters the children were taken through a historical journey focusing on a selection of instruments and music from different points in British History. The assembly started with a musical flagwaving procession, before stepping back in time to listen to instruments from two of Britain’s most early invaders: the Vikings and the Romans. The children loved the experience of clapping along with the rhythm and listening to the unusual sounds and melodic tunes from through the ages. We were also introduced to sounds from the Tudors, the Industrial Revolution and the Victorians as well as snippets from World War II songs.

For each stop on the timeline different children were chosen to perform by playing an instrument, conducting the music or wearing part of a costume. The assembly ended with a tribute to ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ and a special salute with an exploding Tuba!!

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