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Year 2 Outdoor Learning

Year 2 have been fortunate to work with our STEM ambassador Petra Holly again this school year. During their Outdoor Learning days each class has worked with Petra Holly to redevelop our school's allotment area. Linked to the Science curriculum each class has had the opportunities to develop their knowledge of bulbs and how bulbs grow and gain hands on experience planting several types of bulbs.

Fox Class focused on planting different types of onions and garlic. They helped to prepare the soil by shaking and sieving it.

Squirrel Class explored daffodils, they learnt that daffodils are part of the narcissus family and planted their own along the edge of the school field.

Hedgehog Class focused on tulips, they learnt how to identify the top and bottom of a bulb and used a large hand drill of create the hole for them.

Badger Class planted crocuses including very special ones which will produce saffron.

Otter Class planted hyacinths and have kept one in class to watch how the bulb grows roots and can grow without soil.

We are really looking forward to spring when we can see all our hard work in bloom.

This project has been funded by the 99 by 19 project. You can find out more by visiting:


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