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Year 2 Multicultural Week

In school recently the children had great fun joining in with Multicultural Week. Each class had a different country to learn about and they were able to sample some traditional food from that country. It was interesting looking at how countries from around the world were similar and different to England.

Badger Class – Mexico

Badger Class looked at Mexico, to find out about the countries climate, capital city and national sport (football). The children had a mixed reaction to the guacamole and salsa dips but all the children enjoyed the tortillas. They discussed the ancient civilisation that lived in Mexico, the Aztecs, and the fact that some of the building are still there now. The children had great fun working together to build a model of Chichén Itzá.

Fox Class – France

Fox Class were exploring France, they learned some simple French words and phrases, looked at a Map of France and found some of the major cities and drew some pictures of the Eifel Tower using charcoal. The children enjoyed making Jambon Beurre which included French baguette, ham and cheese. The children made Jambon Beurre’s themselves and were very sensible using the equipment. The children couldn’t wait to tuck in and said ‘It was the best thing ever!’

Squirrel Class - China

Squirrel Class investigated China, they looked at the Chinese culture and the role of dragons, the Chinese flag and the Great Wall of China. The food the children tried was Sweet and Sour vegetables with rice. The children tried the food but it wasn’t to everyone’s taste. The children had great fun and worked really hard on making some dragons that look brilliant in the classroom.

Otter Class - Portugal

Otter Class spent their week learning about Portugal, they looked at a map of Portugal, discussed the culture and found out that their national symbol is a rooster. The children got to try traditional Portuguese custard tarts, Pasteis de Nata. The children tried the tarts with some children loving the flavour but some were unsure about the texture of the custard filling. The class produced some fanatic art work of a rooster, although it did remind some children of Nando’s.

Hedgehog Class - Poland

Hedgehog Class were looking at Poland, the children made Polish flags, found out about Polish culture and festivals and ‘travelled’ to Poland using their own boarding pass. The class were able to try a range of Polish foods with cheese or meat dumplings, a polish fudge type sweets and a chocolate covered marshmallow sweet. Not all the food was to everyone’s liking but nearly all the children found one thing they enjoyed.


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