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Year 1 Multicultural week

Year 1 have had an exciting week learning about different countries from around the world. They explored different cultures, sampled varying cuisines and learned traditional ways of living.

Frog Class – Scotland

On Tuesday afternoon, Frog class boarded a quick and speedy flight up to Scotland! Miss Carmichael handed out the boarding passes and soon they were off! During our visit we explored Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness and took in some of the beautiful scenery from the highlands. We learned some Scottish words such as ‘aye’ meaning yes and ‘tattie’ meaning potato. We looked at traditional clothes and even had a go at making our own kilts. We admired some Scottish cuisine like Haggis and Cullen Skink (fish soup) before sampling some yummy oatcakes with cheese and some shortbread. Just before returning to school we took part in some traditional Scottish dancing known as Ceilidh dancing. We learned the Virginia Reel and we had so much fun!

Newt Class – South Africa

We flew to sunny Cape Town in South Africa, we tasted Rooibos Tea and Rusks (a South African breakfast biscuit) and learnt about Esther Mahlangu and traditional Ndebele Art. We loved learning all about the amazing South African animals and the beautiful Protea flowers.

We have learnt how to say traditional sayings in some of the many languages of South Africa, for example Yebo, Howzit? and Danke.

Duck Class – Finland

Duck Class travelled to Finland this week! On Monday the children got a chance to explore the many wonderful things Finland has to offer, from their delicious food to their beautiful landscapes. The children loved learning about the Northern Lights and even recreated them using chalk pastels in Art. We learnt that Lapland, in the north of Finland, is home to a very special person... Santa Claus! On Friday, the children then got a chance to try cinnamon buns which was a huge hit amongst the class!

Heron Class – Japan

Heron Class boarded a plane to Japan this week and were all excited to receive their boarding passes for their long flight. They learnt about the country through watching videos, looking at flags and listening to stories All children tried crispy edamame beans, Sushi and crispy seaweed as part of a tasting session. The children agreed that Sushi was their favourite food and were interested to learn about how Sushi is made. We focused on the artist Hokusai and looked at the painting 'The Great Wave.' As a class we discussed what we liked about the painting and learnt about Mount Fuji. We learnt about the Cherry Blossom Festival and all created our own piece of artwork of a cherry blossom tree. Heron Class learnt how to count in Japanese (ich, ni, san) and say hello (konnichiwa).

Dragonfly Class – Chile

Hola from Chile! Our class boarded the DA30 Dragonfly Airlines express flight to Santiago, Chile on Monday. We flew through the clouds and watched the journey from the United Kingdom all the way to South America. What fabulous views they were! The children were thrilled to be heading on a surprise class trip. Upon arrival at our destination, we had a masterclass in culture and language. Our main learning points were the language spoken, famous artists, and of course, coming from the UK, we discussed the weather and how lovely and warm it is there. Throughout the week, the children have painted abstract works of art inspired by the famous Roberto Matta (ask your child to pronounce his name – their accents are superb!). However, I believe that the children’s favourite aspect of our trip to Chile was the food tasting. They tried dulce de leche, kiwi fruit and blueberries and were delighted to find that most of them really loved what they tried. It has been a fabulous multicultural week and it’s an absolute pleasure going on that journey with them.


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