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Year 1 Crash Landing

Last week Year 1 were welcomed back to school with amazing news! Mr Bailey rushed in to alert us that he had discovered something very strange in our Wildlife Area. The children were very excited to see what was outside. Once we got there, Mrs Morris was on standby, securing the area and making sure the children were kept back behind the safety tape. We were completely shocked at what we found in our school! We saw fire and smoke coming out of what appeared to be a broken rocket or space shuttle, and upon further inspection we noticed a small helmet on the side of the grassy hill! Some children thought it might have been a crash landing from space!!

Once the children returned to class, they were able to write a fantastic recount of what they had just seen. It was great to see the amazement on their faces!

This has also been a fantastic introduction to our theme this half term; Man on the Moon!

The big question still remains… Astronaut? Alien?


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