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Try-rific Tag Rugby

Team Hamstel’s Tag Rugby team went across to Southend Rugby Club on Wednesday 26th April to take part in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Key Stage 1 Competition. Hamstel joined 10 other schools to compete to see who would take home the overall trophy.

The teams were split into three groups with the top teams qualifying for the Quarter Finals. The first game was against Greenways and this was the team’s first chance to show all the skills they had learned in a competitive game. The team got off to the best possible start with some great work to get the Greenways Tags and score some rapid tries. Two tries from Ted and Daniel and one from Ralphie saw the team win 5-1. Next was Bournemouth Park, again the team showed what they were capable of. Great tagging from Charlie and Hannah limited Bournemouth Park’s chances. The team were able to move the ball quickly to see Yasin over the line for his first try and 2 more from Ted and another one from Daniel saw the team to a 4-2 victory. The final group game was up against Fairways, the team were determined to finish the group top. It was the toughest game of the day so far. The teams were trading tries, Zakk weaved his magic through the defence and scored two tries. This was backed up by Yasin scoring his second of the day and yet again Daniel with his artful dodging scoring 2 more tries. Fantastic last stitch Tags from Oliver and Harry helped the team finish the game 5-4. This meant the team remained unbeaten and qualified top of the group.

There was time for a quick drink and snack. Mrs Walker and Mr Sayer gave the team a little team talk discussing all the things that had gone well and the team were excited to continue their great form. The Quarter Final was against Thorpe Hall, the team listened to the advice from the team talk and passed the ball well. Rebecca showed her quick feet, storming through for two blistering tries. It wouldn’t be a game without Daniel getting in on the act and popping up with 2 more tries for his collection. Ted closely followed with another try and Oliver showed what he was capable of scoring his first try of the day. Team Hamstel finished the game with a confident 6-2 win. The semi-final saw a rematch with Fairways. The team knew they had to keep up the same levels in order to make the final. Great tagging from Isla, Chloe and the rest of the team limited Fairways chances. Yet again Ted proved unstoppable and scored 2 tries, Daniel (of course) got another try and Oliver after his confidence from the game before scored a fantastic try. The game finished 4-2 to Hamstel and the team went marching on to the final.

The team had played so well and were ready and raring to go for the final. We were up against our friends and rivals West Leigh. The game was tough; Rebecca ran over for our first try but this was quickly followed by a West Leigh try. Ralphie carried the ball over for a great try and a muddle up from the West Leigh team saw Hannah dive on the ball and score a quick try. The teams were closely matched and some tough refereeing decisions for both team kept the teams close. West Leigh went over to score their 4th try and as Team Hamstel were on the attack the final whistle blew. It was a great final match and a very close game which saw West Leigh narrowly win 4-3.

Team Hamstel were fantastic all afternoon, their team spirit, enthusiasm and resilience shone through. They collected their silver medals with giant smiles on their faces and loud cheers from all the supporters, Mr Sayer and Mrs Walker. The team were brilliant ambassadors for the school. Thank you to all the adults who came and supported the team.


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