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Terrific Tag Rugby

Wednesday 4th May was the day the Tag Rugby team had been waiting for. They had been training hard, learning the rules and practicing in friendly games. Everyone was very excited including Mr Sayer and Mrs Walker.

The team arrived at Southend Rugby Club looking very smart and professional in their kit. We had a good warm up and took in the surroundings of the larger pitch in lovely sunshine. Just as Mr Edwards called all 9 schools over to explain how the tournament was going to run the grey clouds loomed large and right on cue the rain started.

Our first game was against Thorpe Hall, the team started quickly and swamped the other team. They were brilliant at regaining procession, dodging and weaving to make ground when attacking. Brilliant tries from Ace, Rufus and Elsie meant the team got off to a winning start. The second game for us was against our friends and rivals from West Leigh. The rain now was starting to cause some problems making the ball slippery to catch and the quick attacking West Leigh team were able to capitalise. In a tough game Sophia managed to break through to score a try, making the final score 3-1 to West Leigh. Next up was Blenheim, after a quick team talk and some tactical reminders from Mrs Walker and Mr Sayer the team were on fire. A quick start and some excellent dancing feet meant the tries came thick and fast. Ace’s silky footwork lead him to scoring 3 tries in the game, in one amazing try he ran nearly the whole length of the pitch dodging around opponents and scoring to massive cheering from the watching supporters. Elsie and Sophia joined the party with a try each meaning the team went on to win 5-1. With 2 wins and 1 lose it came down to our final group game against Our Lady of Lourdes to qualify for the semi-final. The game was littered with mistakes as the rain and two aggressive teams made it tricky. The game was 2-2 with some great mazy running from Sophia and Rufus to score tries. In the final moments of the games Our Lady of Lourdes managed to find a gap in our defense to score a try, finishing the game 3-2 to them. Unfortunately, the late try meant we missed out on a semi-final place but the team played some incredible matches and were unlucky to lose to two teams that went on to come first and third in the tournament.

The whole team did extremely well showing great passion, determination and team work in a new sport with lots of rules. Well done Team Hamstel you were fantastic ambassadors for the school.


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