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Team Hamstel Bats for Glory but Gets Stumped in Close Matches!

 Team Hamstel's 3 Tees Cricket team recently participated in the Southend KS1 Competition held at Shoeburyness High School, showcasing determination and skill throughout the event.

The team faced a challenging start against last year's second-place team. Despite a strong effort, Team Hamstel fell short with a score of 32 runs to 45 runs, marking a tough loss. Next, Team Hamstel took on Westborough. Exceptional fielding limited Westborough to 32 runs, and fantastic batting led to an impressive 56 runs, securing a convincing win for Team Hamstel and qualifying them for the quarter-finals. In the quarter-final against Bournemouth Park, the game was tight. Team Hamstel managed to edge out their opponents with a score of 42 runs to 37 runs, advancing to the semi-finals. The semi-final match against West Leigh was another close contest. Despite a valiant effort, Team Hamstel narrowly lost with a score of 39 runs to 42 runs. In their final game, Team Hamstel played in the 3rd/4th place playoff. It was a nail-biting match against Thorpe Hall, but Team Hamstel narrowly missed out, scoring 50 runs to their opponent's 52 runs.

Well done to the entire team: Hanna, Harper, Ritchi, Elliot, Isaac, Kevin, Sammy, and Didi. Your hard work, dedication, giving up your lunchtimes to practise and improve, and teamwork were evident throughout the competition, and you made Team Hamstel proud. Congratulations on a fantastic performance! 



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