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Spectacular Sports Gymnastics

A team of six Year 2 children took part in a Gymnastics competition at Allyen Court on the 8th March. This was to trial a brand new gymnastics event that is being trialled.

It was a fantastic morning with 12 teams from across Southend coming to show off their skills and learn some new ones. The event worked as a carousel with the children moving around the different elements.

Team Hamstel started on Bars, the children had to perform different movements while hanging from the bar.

After that the children moved to the Beam, having to do different balances while standing or sitting on the beam.

Then the children had to learn a floor routine with lots of different positions. The children enjoyed practising Vault, trying to run as fast as possible to jump as high as possible and land gracefully. Our final activity was on the floor and the children were able to show off their cartwheels, forward rolls and bridge. It was a lovely morning and the children behaved and performed brilliantly.

Well done Matilda, Braydon, Kai, Cara, Jessica and Freya.


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