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Reception Reading Rocks Day!

Our Reception children had a wonderful day on Friday 26th May when parents and carers joined the classes for a Reading for Pleasure workshop after listening to a short presentation about the importance of developing the habit of reading for enjoyment. 

The hall was set up with a wealth of exciting and inspiring books to read and share with their grown up, amongst cushions and rugs.  Some of these books were familiar books, but many were new to them. The children also took part in other activities such as a scavenger hunt and mini reviews by drawing pictures of their favourite book.  

We also were very lucky to have Jacqui from Jacqson Diego join us with her pop-up book shop so families could purchase books.  Jacqui finished the workshop with a story time, reading the lovely book ‘Mr Leopard’s Bookshop’ by Alexa Brown and Julia Christians.  It was lovely to see all the Reception children enjoying and listening to a variety of stories with their adults.  


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