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Reception Outdoor Learning

For our first week of Outdoor Learning, the children really had the chance to explore our beautiful outside area!

We started by changing our shoes for wellies and putting our coats on, then Mr. Bailey came to collect us - he is our Wildlife Area Ranger. Then we went outside and discussed the rules about how we can protect our environment and the animals which live there. We were so amazed to find out badgers, foxes and lots of other animals use our wildlife area to live! Mr. Bailey showed us lots of different habitats the animals may live in and where we are able to run around to explore, without disturbing them.

Then we were able to go into the Hobbit Hut for snack time, we learnt how to walk in their safely as a class. As this is a place we are able to toast marshmallows and have hot chocolate, we must make sure we all understand how to walk in there and be aware of the Fire Pit. It was really nice to all sit in a big circle having a drink and some snack before we were able to really explore the outside area by ourselves!

We loved running around outside, playing in the sand pit and making new friends in our classes. This really was a great time for the children to start to get to know each other and build on their friendships!

We had a little matching activity to complete as a class which linked to our Math’s lessons about how to make pairs. We were hunting for pictures of bugs and how to know they were a matching pair.

As a year group, we cannot wait for our next Outdoor Learning Day!


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