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Reception - Multicultural week

Reception have had an amazing week learning about different cultures and foods from various countries from around the world. They experienced food tasting, learning what their chosen country’s flag looks like and comparing it to our own United Kingdom’s flag. The children learnt about different climates and animals and made comparisons with their own country. We discussed how different family members may not live in the same country as us and shared our stories about this during class discussions. We also took part in art and craft activities and explored books about the countries, including interesting places to visit.

Kingfisher Class - Spain

Hola from Spain!! Kingfisher class loved learning all about Spain and all things Spanish. We learnt how to count to 10 in Spanish and enjoyed trying some Spanish food. Kingfishers have been learning all about Spain. We discovered where Spain is and what the weather is like there. We learned about the Spanish royal family. The king is called King Fellipe and the Queen is called Queen Letizia. We also learned about some traditional Spanish food and even tried some. We tried paella, patatas bravas, olives and tortilla. It was yummy. We also learned how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in Spanish.

Owl Class - Italy

Ciao from Italy!!

To celebrate multicultural week Owl Class learnt about Italy. We decorated Italian flags using the correct colours: green, white and red. We used colouring pencils, crayons and paint to decorate our flags. We compared the Italian flag to our own flag. We also used paper plates to make pizzas. We added our own toppings to our creation.

We looked at the buildings in Italy including the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We found Italy on the map and looked at how far it was to get to Italy from England. We discussed what mode of transport we would use to travel to Italy and shared our own stories of holidays we have been on.

We also learnt about the school day in Italy and that children don’t go to school until they are 6!

We tried lots of different Italian foods including: parma ham, mozzarella cheese and bruschetta with balsamic vinegar. Some of the children loved trying these new foods and was surprised at how much they liked them.

Woodpecker Class - Australia

G’day from Australia!

To celebrate our multicultural week Woodpecker class learnt all about the country Australia as our chosen country. We decorated the Australian flag and boomerangs with traditional markings, and coloured native Australian animals such as dingos, emus, koalas, platypuses, wombats, possums and kangaroos. We compared the United Kingdom with Australia, looking at similarities and differences in climate, in that our seasons are opposite. We looked at time zones and how they are different depending where you are in the world and our time zone is called Greenwich Mean Time. We discussed the Earth’s Equator and the hemisphere’s of the Earth and learnt that even the water in Australia goes down the plug the opposite way to the UK because it is in the Southern Hemisphere of the world.

We explored both our country’s flags and why the Union Jack is in the corner of the Australian flag due to our countries’ historical links and colonisation in the late 1700’s, and even discovered we share the same Queen!

We learnt about the Aborigines and their art work and sacred places. We recreated some of their art by painting Aboriginal dot paintings of animals and patterns using cotton buds and the traditional colours of oranges, browns, reds and blacks that would have been available to them.

We looked on the map at where Australia is and how long it would take to get there and we used the globe to find it and actually see the distance between the two countries.

We also had an amazing food tasting day where we tried Australia’s favourite tucker - Vegemite on toast and traditional Anzac biscuits. The Anzac biscuits were definitely a winner! Bonza!!

Peacock Class- Greece

γεια σας (pronounced yes-ass) from Greece! We celebrated all things Greek by trying Greece’s favourite Tsatsiki, we had this along with cucumber and breadsticks and some of us even tried Olives! They were very interesting, however some of the children where surprised that they liked them! The children really enjoyed learning about some of the different foods Greece has to offer. We discussed how some of the food looked similar to food we have here in England and also how they are different.

We looked at some flags from around the world and how they are all so different with their colours and designs. We coloured in some Greek flags and even had the chance to design some of our own, the children loved getting creative!

We enjoyed looking at some different pictures of England and Greece and we discussed what makes the two countries the same and what differences they had, such as the weather and the buildings. We talked about how the children thought they may be able to get to Greece and some shared their own stories of being on aeroplanes and what holidays they have been on!


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