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Reception Handwriting Workshop

Last week the Reception children enjoyed joining their grown-ups for a Handwriting workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, the grown-ups found out how we teach handwriting and how they can help their child at home.

After this, the children showed the grown-ups some of the handwriting activities that we do in school.

All the children and adults had a great time and found out lots about Handwriting.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Your Feedback:

“Great! It was lovely to spend time with my daughter in her school environment.”

“It was really useful to consider implementing other activities as a tool of improving a child’s fine and gross motor skills alongside learning handwriting. I really enjoy the opportunity to participate in these workshops with my daughter and gain an insight into her school day. Not many local schools offer parents similar experiences so I am really pleased my three children attend Hamstel Schools”

“Learning all the activities and different ways to develop children’s skills. Also learning the different stages so I know what to focus on to help my child.”

“Knowing how much goes into the teaching of handwriting and no ‘finger space’ now! Sitting, air writing and more of motor skills.”


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