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KS1 Panathlon Event

On Tuesday 22nd March, 6 excited children; Thea, Connor, Harley-Jo, Corey, Frankie and Kai set off to Cecil Jones Academy to take part in a KS1 Panathlon. Arriving at the venue was even more thrilling having arrived in taxis, being welcomed by the young leaders and seeing the other schools competing.

The children took part in 8 different activities set up around the hall. We went round as a team collecting points at each activity. The team were very polite and listened as the young leaders at each station explained and demonstrated the activities.

We were told we were 'red team' and waited apprehensively for the whistle to blow. Our first activity was paddle tennis. It wasn't as easy as it first looked but we all had a good go and we discovered that Corey had a mighty swing! On to the curling, all the children did well at this and we scored quite a few points, with

Harley-Jo and Thea having an excellent aim.

Skittles next, where as a team we knocked them all down and were on our 2nd round when the whistle blew to change. Two target throwing activities came next, at least half our children scored a bullseye and there were plenty of celebrations and high fives.

Goal scoring was after, all the children enjoyed shooting at an open goal. The penultimate activity was basketball, the children could choose to stand at a 1, 2 or 3 points marker. Most chose the 2 pointers and scored a lot of points, we even had some big 3 point shots.

The final activity was throwing beanbags onto a large numbered mat. Only one beanbag was allowed in each number or the score was invalid. This was an exciting activity to finish on and the team did very well at scoring highly despite several enthusiastic throws resulting in beanbags skidding right off the mat!

Mr Sayer and Mrs Walker were very proud of the whole team with their fantastic behaviour and brilliant effort throughout the morning. The children were delighted to be called up to receive their medals and certificates as the whole hall applauded them.


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