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Inter-Schools Cross Country

We were very excited on our return to school in March to be able to join in with other schools in the local borough for a Cross Country event. Each school took part on their own playing fields over two different days.

Mrs Walker is really pleased to report that the children representing Hamstel Infant School did extremely well in this competition.

Our times were sent in and compared with the other schools taking part.

The overall results were:

Reception Year Boys - 1st Girls - 1st

Year 1 Boys - 2nd Girls - 2nd

Year 2 Boys - 4th Girls - 3rd

The children that completed the four fastest times for each year group were awarded the corresponding medal.

Reception Year Charlie - Kingfisher Class Emily - Peacock Class

Teddy - Peacock Class Reya - Swan Class

Braydon - Swan Class Hannah C - Woodpecker Class

Harry - Swan Class Hannah K - Woodpecker Class

Year 1 Harvey - Dragonfly Class Sophia - Dragonfly Class

Albert - Duck Class Evelyn - Duck Class

Rufus - Frog Class Elsie - Frog Class

Felix - Heron Class Sophie - newt Class

Year 2 Dulcie - Badger Class

Shayleigh - Badger Class

Amy - Otter Class

Daisy S - Squirrel Class

Every child that competed in the cross country was awarded a certificate.

Well done to all the children that took part and thank you to Mrs Walker, Miss Stephens and the super coaches from Southend Schools Partnership for their support on the field and from the side-lines.


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