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Infant Music Festival

On Thursday 10th March the Year 2 Singing Club performed a medley of songs at the SEESMA Infant Music Festival (IMF). Three other schools also performed at the event and is was held at the Kings Road United Reformed Church in Westcliff. School Staff and pupil family members made up the audience and we were also joined by our Link Trustee Karen Packer.

Included in the repertoire of performance pieces were five massed songs that each school learned and sang together. Individually, schools were chosen to use instruments to accompany one of the massed songs with their own musicianship.

Hamstel was asked to play a rhythm accompaniment to the song, ‘My Planet’ and we did this with our own flair. The children used actions to highlight key lyrics and kept the beat by clapping and playing a selection of tambourines and shakers. Our group of singers sang with confidence and really enjoyed the experience of performing for an audience.

The massed songs were performed by all schools and the children joined in respectfully while they also had fun following the musical director lead.

IMF massed song list

  • The world keeps turning around

  • My planet

  • I love the flowers

  • Save our water

  • What a wonderful world!

In addition to the massed songs, each school also prepared an individual piece that they sang on the main stage. Hamstel’s song was called ‘Recycle it’ and lyrics highlighted some of the reasons why we all need to recycle and reuse more of the items we throw away, to better help the world.

To mark the day, an Infant Music Festival Song Book was produced as a keepsake for each child to celebrate all the hard work they put in learning and performing the songs.

The children were also given an ‘I sang at the Festival’ badge from the IMF organisers as a thank you.

Well done, don’t they look very professional! We are all very proud of the way you represented the school. You were magnificent!


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