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Hamstel Media Team

Our first mission as The Media Team was to capture photos of Sports Day and interview children and grown- ups. We had our cameras at the ready, microphones prepared and questions lined up. We were so excited. We asked for permission to interview Mr Roche and here is what he said.

Alfie: Why is Sports Day so important?

Mr Roche: Sports Day is important because it lets children show off their sports skills.

Nicolas: How do you feel?

Mr Roche: I feel incredibly proud of every child that has taken part today.

We then asked a couple of children who had participated brilliantly in the races if we had permission to interview them and here is what one of our friends said:

Maggie: How often do you practise?

Jack: Not very often but we practise in class in our PE lessons.

Summer: How do you feel now?

Jack: I feel tired but I had a great time.

We had a great time being journalists and we are excited to bring to you the coverage of the next event. Media Team over and out.


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