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Gemma's Farm visit

As part of Science Week we welcomed back Gemma and her brilliant travelling farm. All children from Nursery to Year 2 spent time with the animals and could experience them hands on in a safe and inclusive environment.

Gemma brought a fabulous range of animals for us to meet this year. There were ponies who loved to be brushed, tiny chicks and ducks. The goats and lambs enjoyed being fed and truly loved it when the children discovered they preferred green grass over hay or straw. The children were able to hold Ralphie the chicken and the world’s softest rabbits.

It is safe to say that having Gemma’s Farm visit is one of the highlights of our school year. The children are always so excited to visit and even those who are nervous as first are soon won round and can be found happily feeding a lamb or stroking a guinea pig. We are truly grateful for all those parents and carers who contributed £2 to allow this fantastic experience to happen, so much easier, cheaper and convenient than having to get transport somewhere. Thank you, without your support we would be unable to continue with these amazing events.


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