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Children In Need

On Friday 19th November 2021 Hamstel infant School and Nursery celebrated Children In Need Day by hosting a non-uniform day.

The theme we adopted was to wear something spotty! We had plenty of variations on this theme from Pudsey t-shirts and clothing, to spotty socks and tights, spotty hairbands and plenty more.

The children were so excited to be wearing non-uniform for such a special charity campaign and to be able to donate for such a worthy cause.

The children started their celebrations by taking part in the special Joe Wicks Children In Need Workout which was streamed into each classroom. A jolly good way to start the day and something they will remember taking part in.

So far our families and children have raised an amazing £323.00.

A huge thank you to our families for supporting with the non-uniform items, which looked fabulous, and for making such generous donations.


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