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Can you “be-leaf” our amazing work?

This week in Year 2 we have exploring the work of the famous artist Andrew Goldsworthy. We took our learning outside into the wildlife area and worked together to create some amazing land art. We hope you enjoy what we have created.

The Year 2 children also continued with their work on maps and used materials to create a 3D map of the school. We worked together to build the different areas.

We were inspired by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy and our topic of ‘Into the Woods’ to create some pieces of land art out of the natural objects we can find in our outdoor learning area.

The children went to collect their resources. They were able to use stones, sticks, shells, leaves and pinecones.

We have learnt that we can use natural materials to create shapes and build up patterns and textures.

The children then took it in turns to tell another pair or small group about their work, how it was made, what they like about it most and if they would change anything next time.

The children revisited their learning from Geography and discussed what maps are used for, how we read them and the vocabulary involved such as aerial view, cartographer and the compass rose points.

We thought about what materials would be suitable for the parts of the school and where to place them in relation to each other.

Some of our fantastic land art inspired by Andrew Goldsworthy.

Can you see what natural objects we used?


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