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Book Week 2023

Last week we thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in books more than usual and celebrating World Book Day. We had a very busy week and the children across the school enjoyed a range of events.

The children in Year 1 visited Southchurch Library where they were greeted by a Librarian who explained how the library works, what kinds of books are available as well as how many books they can borrow at one time if they are a member. The children then had an opportunity to explore a variety of books and enjoy listening to a story.

In KS1 the children really enjoyed a visit from a Story Teller. The children were captivated by some fantastic storytelling. The children in Year 1 were whisked into a Space world and the children in Year 2 were escorted into a world of Castles with an unfriendly Prince Felix. The children were able to join in with the story along the way and props were used to help their imaginations.

The children in Rainbow Class also enjoyed a story about a character who swallowed lots of different sea creatures and the sea, until her tummy was so full they all popped out again!

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day with everyone dressing up as a book character. The children paraded proudly in the hall with their class for the rest of the year group to see their amazing costumes. The children really looked fabulous and so did the staff!

We then finished this week with a visit from Jacqui from Jacqson Diego’s Story Emporium. She led her lovely Story Box assemblies with Reception and KS1. Jacqui shared some lovely new books with the children and set the children the challenge of finding different places to read and enjoy books.


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