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Awesome Quad Kids

Team Hamstel were back in competition at Quads Kids on Friday 19th May. The team of 4 boys and 4 girls went to Garon Park for the day to compete in a fantastic athletics event. All the children had to compete in a 50m sprint, a 300m run, a throw with a mini hurler and a standing long jump. From every event the children could collect points based on their performance which would add towards the top boys and top girls awards and the overall team prizes. It was set to be a tough day of competing with 15 other schools, from across Southend, attending the event but Team Hamstel were ready.

The day started with the sprint event. The boys lined up first and performed brilliantly giving the team a good start. Ted ran the quickest time, Daniel was the second fastest, Zakk was next and Lincoln closely followed. Next was the girls turn and they definitely were not to be out done. Reya was the fastest, Isla was next and Rebecca and Ava finished with the exact same time.

After the sprints the team headed over to take their turn at the mini hurler throw. Each person had three attempts to throw the mini hurler as far as possible, with their furthest throw being counted towards the points. Lincoln threw the furthest with a massive 22.1m throw. Daniel threw 17.3m, Zakk threw 16.6m and Ted managed 15.5m. For the girls Isla threw the hurler out to 15m, Rebecca threw to 10.4m with Reya just behind at 10.2m and Ava managed 6.3m.

Team Hamstel had time for a quick drink and snack before heading over to the sand pit for the standing long jump. The girls led the way with the jumps and Reya jumped out to phenomenal 1.89m. Isla and Rebecca had great jumps to 1.76m and 1.72 respectively followed by Ava with 1.43m. The boys jumped well with Ted jumping 1.74, Zakk jumping 1.64m, Lincoln went 1.54m and Daniel jumped 1.52m. I couldn’t write the report without mentioning the great effort from Daniel who managed to slip on his first jump and end up head first in the sand pit but he still got up and performed well despite being covered in sand and not having great grip with his shoes.

The team had lunch, all that was left was the 300m to do. A very difficult race as it is between a sprint and a long-distance event meaning it is very hard to pace. The team did well, battling hard against their competitors and making sure they didn’t give up until they crossed the line. Mr Sayer and Mrs Walker were very proud of all the children as they had given their best the whole race and made sure they got the best times for themselves and the team. Ted’s 300m of 55 seconds ended up being the fastest of the whole event, an excellent achievement.

The events were finished and the team was tired but all that was left was to find out the results. The result came out and the scores were close, they had to be checked and double checked to make sure the scores were correct. The boys performed brilliantly but unfortunately none of them had quite got enough to get on the podium for the top 3 boys. In the girl’s field event Reya finished second overall and Isla finished third, a fantastic result for the girls and the whole team. Next up was to find out the team results and to loud cheers and lots of excitement Team Hamstel finished in second place overall and the whole team received a silver medal.

It was a great day of competition and yet again Team Hamstel showed how resilient, determined and talented they are to finish second out of the best sixteen schools in Southend.

Well done Zakk, Rebecca, Daniel, Ava, Isla, Reya, Lincoln and Ted!


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