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Author Visit: Ellie Irving

Yesterday we were very excited to welcome Ellie Irving, a children’s author to our school. Ellie has recently had her debut picture book published ‘Oh Armadillo! This Party is all Wrong!’

Ellie led Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in a very inspiring assembly. She spoke enthusiastically about her job as an author, what she does and why she loves her job so much. Ellie told us about her inspiration for writing her latest book and how she had to research all about Armadillo’s too.

The children enjoyed taking part in a quiz about Armadillo’s, where they had to work our which fact was false. Through the quiz, we learnt that Armadillo’s have very long tongues to eat their food and can roll up tightly into a ball to help protect themselves if they feel danger is lurking.

Ellie also shared her wonderful story about how Armadillo organised a party for all his jungle friends, taking on board the different things they would like at the party. The book made us laugh out loud and smile lots. We enjoyed looking at the pictures on the big screen as Ellie shared her delightful book.

The children also enjoyed taking part in another game that involved a ‘magic bag’, where children pulled out some props: a pineapple cup with straw, a pair of large sunglasses and a kettle. The children then spoke to the person next to them about some different ideas of how they could use these items in a story. Somebody suggested the kettle could be used for a swimming pool for ants! Ellie explained to make her stories fun and exciting she has to think of different ways to think about props and characters, by using her imagination.

To finish the assembly, Ellie held a question and answer session about her job as an author and her book. The children had some great questions. Those children who had purchased books were also able to meet Ellie and have their book signed and personalised.

Ellie was great to listen to and was very inspiring and engaging. Not only by sharing her book but in sharing the message that everyone can write stories, and they can be short or long. The children thoroughly enjoyed their special assembly, it’s not every day you get to meet a real life author!

A big thank you to Jacqui at Jacqson Diego’s Story Emporium for organising Ellie’s visit.


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