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A Mysterious Discovery in the Wildlife Area

There is an electric buzz, a lot of talk and excitement around the Year 2 classrooms this week. Mr Darke interrupted the day on Monday as he shared some mysterious and curious findings in the Wildlife Area on his return from half term. On his rounds of inspecting the Wildlife Area, Mr Darke had spotted some smoke wafting into the air, thinking this was strange and a bit of a concern, he investigated further. Mr Darke soon discovered a large nest with some unusual eggs in them near the smoke.

Mr Darke acted quickly and secured the area off and alerted all staff. Once the area was safe, Mr Darke allowed the year 2 children to go outside and look at the mysterious discovery. Of course the children were very excited and there was lots of talk about what may have left the eggs in our Wildlife Area. However, nearby, there were some other unusual items, the children think they might possibly be a tooth, some scales and footprints. Most of the children have come to the conclusion that a dragon may have entered the area during half term because it was safe place to leave the eggs.

The nest has been left for the time being, and we hope that nothing too dangerous emerges from the nest in the next few days before it can be removed and taken to an even safer location. However, if any strange sightings are seen in the area, please notify the staff at once…

In the meantime the Year 2 children have busy creating ways of how to ‘trap a dragon’.

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