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Year 2 Arctic Experience

In Outdoor Learning we had lots of fun creating giant murals of penguins using natural resources. We worked as a team to place different kinds of wood to create the outline and detail of the penguin. This linked with our writing about penguins, their habitats, life cycles and any interesting facts that we had found out. Later on we imagined we were in the frosty Antarctic. We had to build ashelter using the resources in the Outdoor Learning Environment. Weenjoyed sharing our ideas and seeing if we could all fit inside ourstructures.

Later on in the afternoon we exercised on an assault course and imagined we were training to go on an adventure with Scott of the Antarctic and his team. It was great fun but jolly hard work too! Captain Scott and his team were incredibly brave and they really were up against the elements in their expedition. We now know just how difficult it must have been for them all.

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