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Year 2 Multi Cultural Week Harvest Celebrations

In Year 2 we have enjoyed celebrating Harvest and Multicultural week. Throughout our Multicultural week each class learnt a few facts about a chosen country and helped cook something from their chosen country. Squirrel Class learnt all about Mexico and cooked Nachos and Salsa, Hedgehog Class found out all about France and made a delicious Yoghurt Cake, Otter Class enjoyed exploring India and made a Chickpea Salad, Badger Class enjoyed learning about Italy and made Pizza and finally Fox Class learnt some facts about Scotland and made some yummy Shortbread. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and had a wonderful time tasting all the delicious foods with their invited adult. Thank you to all the adults who were able to come along and join in our Multicultural afternoons, we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

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