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Team Hamstel Leaps and Bounds in KS1 Gymnastics Competition

Team Hamstel recently showcased their gymnastic talents at the KS1 Gymnastics Competition, participating in four distinct areas: bar, beam, floor, and vault. The children demonstrated remarkable skill and determination as they performed a series of challenging movements, aiming to impress the judges and earn high scores.

Throughout the competition, the children executed a variety of gymnastic manoeuvres with precision and finesse. From accurate cartwheels to graceful bridge poses, straight jumps, and impressive holds on the bar including straddle and pike positions, each participant showcased their agility, strength, and flexibility.

  Despite the demanding nature of the competition, Team Hamstel displayed unwavering enthusiasm and effort in every aspect of their performance. With a rigorous marking criteria in place and no participants achieving scores in the gold band, the children faced a tough challenge. However, they approached each routine with determination and a positive attitude, striving to perform to the best of their abilities.

While no participant in the whole competition scored in the gold band, the entire team should be commended for their outstanding effort and dedication. Finishing with 3 silver award and 3 Bronze awards. Special mention goes to Harper who scored the highest in the whole competition, finishing 1 mark away from gold. Some of the movements the children had never tried before. Each child demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and exhibited impressive gymnastic skills throughout the competition.

 Overall, Team Hamstel's participation in the KS1 Gymnastics Competition was a testament to their talent, hard work, and sportsmanship. Their enthusiasm, effort and determination were truly commendable and they should be proud of their achievements.


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