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Hamstel's Tag-tastic Triumph

Team Hamstel recently participated in the KS1 Tag Rugby Tournament hosted at Southend Rugby Club. The event was marked by spirited performances, fierce competition, and moments of triumph for our team.

Match Summaries:

Hamstel vs. Bournemouth Park:

Team Hamstel kicked off the tournament in style, overpowering Bournemouth Park with a stellar 7-3 victory. Didi, Raymond, Chase (2), Elliot, and Ethan showcased their skills by securing tries, setting the tone for the matches to come.

Hamstel vs. St. Michaels:

The momentum continued as Team Hamstel faced St. Michaels and delivered an impressive 8-3 win. Didi led the charge with a hat-trick, while Chase (2), Raymond, Elliot, and Lola contributed to the scoring spree, leaving their opponents in awe.

Hamstel vs. Our Lady of Lourdes:

Despite a gallant effort, Team Hamstel encountered a tough opponent in Our Lady of Lourdes, resulting in a hard-fought 5-2 loss. Chase and Didi's tries demonstrated resilience, but it wasn't enough to secure victory against a formidable adversary.

Hamstel vs. Fairways (Final Showdown):

In the climactic final match against Fairways, Team Hamstel faced a daunting challenge. Trailing 4-2 at one point, the team refused to concede defeat. With grit and determination, they launched a remarkable comeback and by the end of the game edging out Fairways 7-6. Ethan, Didi, Raymond (2), Chase (2), and Harper, with her first of the day, sealed the victory in dramatic fashion.

Team Hamstel's journey in the KS1 Tag Rugby Tournament was a testament to their skill, resilience, and teamwork. Their second-place finish reflects their dedication and passion for the sport. As they proudly collected their silver medals, amidst cheers from supporters, it was evident that they had not only competed but also forged memories that will last a lifetime.



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