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Hamstel Race for Life

On Friday 16th July 2021 all the children had an amazing day completing the Race for Life event for schools. All the children turned up to school with their trainers laced up, their bright clothes on and messages of remembrance and celebrations of loved ones on their backs. This was all to raise money and awareness of Cancer and the fabulous work Cancer Research UK does.

All the children ran or walked with such excitement and determination showing us they are true ‘Hamstel’ children determined to succeed the 8 laps of the 2km course around our playing fields, especially on such a hot day.

The staff ran, walked and supported every single child from the beginning of the start line until they had completed the course and running through the finish line to receive a very well deserved medal.

It was lovely to see such lovely smiley and proud faces at the end and we are all very proud of every single one who took part. One child said to me “That was amazing! I loved it!”.

So, a big thank you goes out to everyone who has taken part at school or in your back garden at home to help raise money for this worthy course. The total on our Just Giving Page currently stands at a whopping £7,432,11, this is a such an incredible amount. However, we must give a big shout out to Stanley in Frog Class who set up is own Just Giving Page to support his fundraising for the event and raised a fantastic amount of £1,380 to date. His family must be so proud!


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