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Book Week - Year 2

Year 2 were very excited to take part in our Book Week celebrations and of course celebrate 25 Years of World Book day. As part of celebrating this week we brought our favourite books to life by dressing up as book characters that we all know and love.

The children kick started the week by bringing in their favourite books in from home. There was a wealth of books shared, non-fiction, picture books and chapter books. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share their chosen books with their friends and adults in the classroom. This gave them an opportunity to read their chosen book to each other, talk about why they liked them and write some simple book reviews.

We also enjoyed reading and sharing the whole school book choice, I DON’T LIKE BOOKS. NEVER. EVER. THE END. By Emma Perry. This book provided lots of discussion about books and why they are important. The children decided that books can help us learn new facts and words, take us into imaginary worlds, make us laugh and smile and of course, can be lots of fun! The children made posters for the classroom to encourage others to read and why. We believe there is a book out there for everyone to enjoy

We created our own magical versions of a book coming to life, just like Mabel had experienced in our whole school story. We made pop out characters and objects with a flat lay image of an open book to start.

Of course Book Week wouldn’t have been Book Week without dressing up! All the children were incredibly excited to dress up as a book character for the day in celebration of our love of books. It feels like a long time since we were able to have fun dressing up at school and the children certainly did an incredible job at embracing this opportunity. The costumes all looked fantastic, the children really enjoyed parading around the hall and showing off their efforts to the rest of their year group. A big thank you to all parents and carers who supported the children with their costumes. They looked wonderful!


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