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Book Week - Year 1

Year 1 had a fantastic time celebrating Book Week. We started the week by bringing in our favourite book from home. The children loved sharing their stories with their friends and teachers and we all had lots of quality reading time across the week.

As a school we all shared our own special Book Week book ‘I Don’t Like Books, Never Ever, The End’ by Emma Perry. This witty book follows a little girl called Mabel who doesn’t like books and uses them for all sorts of things from juggling to sledging but she never stops to read them! One day the books decide they have had enough and teach Mabel how exciting and varied books can be. All they Year 1 children really enjoyed thinking about what would happen if they ended up inside a book and what adventure they could go on.

On Thursday all the children were so excited to show off their World Book Day costumes and we were really impressed with the effort that everyone made this year. We had a troop of Harry Potters, a couple of Hungry Caterpillars, a gang of Cats in Hats and many, many more! The children really enjoyed parading around the hall and displaying to each other their fabulous characters.

Thank you to all our parents and carers who helped make this year’s Book Week extra special.


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