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NSPCC Assembly

On Friday 5th July we welcomed Julia, an NSPCC volunteer and her mascot, ‘Buddy’, a friendly green speech bubble, into our Monday afternoon assembly. Classes in Years 1 and 2 learned that the NSPCC believes that children should be able to speak out to someone if they are worried or unhappy. The assembly provided child friendly, age appropriate, interactions to help pupils understand that all children have the right to speak out and to be heard. They also learned that it is just as important to be safe as they can get help when they need it. Julia also explained the different ways that children can be hurt, in a simple age appropriate way, so that the children understood when something they experience is not right. The children had time to think about the grown-ups who may be good to talk to, both in school and out-of-school, which would listen to them and could help them.

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