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Year 2 visit Hyde Hall

On Monday and Tuesday this week Year 2 have enjoyed their trips to Hyde Hall in Rettendon. The two days supported all our learning we have been doing about woodland and mini-beast habitats.

Each class spent some in the brand new education building carrying out a range of different tasks. These included planting some cress seeds, making leaf baskets, using magnifying glasses to explore the ‘dead’ table and creating some beautiful leaf rubbings.



Outside in the woodland area the classes had an opportunity to become a ‘squirrel’ and bury an acorn, however they had to remember where they had buried it, once they had come back from the exciting walk to feed the ducks. When they returned they proved what brilliant memories they had and everyone found their acorn! The children would make super squirrels!

During the day the children also worked in their teams and were given the challenge of building a nest for a bird. They had to think about all the different things that would make it a suitable habitat for a bird such as a Blackbird or Blue-Tit.

In between all these wonderful tasks we managed to squeeze in a spot of lunch! Yum! The children excelled themselves whilst visiting Hyde Hall and were praised by the staff for their excellent behaviour as well as how enthusiastic they were with their learning. We are very proud of the children and they should be very proud of themselves too!

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