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Year 2 History Day

The children in Year 2 had a fantastic start to the term with an astounding discovery in the wildlife area. Whilst digging, our Forest Ranger Mr Darke stumbled across something hidden underground. He rushed to gather the children and to our amazement a very old and dirty looking basket appeared from the depths wrapped in some sacking. We had found a time capsule! Deciding to embark on a History Day as a result of the find, the children immediately set to work finding out what period in time the capsule belonged to; with diary entries, photographs and artefacts from times gone by, they had a challenge on their hands! After some research and lots of investigating the objects up close, the children established that all the items pointed to the one and only Queen Victoria! This has been a wonderful way to start our theme ‘Rule Britannia’ Where we will be finding out much more about the infamous Queen and the time she lived.

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