Reverend Goodliff Assembly

Reverend Goodliff from Belle View Baptist Church joined us today to share the Christian story of how Jesus helped Zacchaueus become a changed man and a good friend to everyone. The children also sang ‘Welcome everybody’ to welcome their friends, teachers and visitors to the afternoon assembly.

Reception food sharing

In Reception we have enjoyed celebrating Harvest and Multicultural week. All the children enjoyed finding out about Harvest by learning the words and actions to The Little Red Hen. During Multicultural week each class learnt about a chosen country. Swan Class learnt all about China, including how to say ‘hello’ in Mandarin, they also made Chinese Tea Biscuits. Owl Class enjoyed exploring Italy and made delicious pizzas. Woodpecker Class found out about Bulgaria and made Bulgarian Apple cake. Kingfisher Class learnt all about Poland and made Polish cookie balls with raisins. Finally Peacock Class enjoyed learning about South Africa and made South African cookies. After making our delicious

Year 1 outdoor learning

Year one ended their “Dinosaur Roar” topic this half term by making huge, life-sized dinosaurs! The children worked together as a class to use natural materials to create their dinosaurs. They demonstrated excellent team-work and carried the logs safely and sensibly. Here are our Year 1 dinosaurs…… Frog - Pteradactyl Newt - Pteradactyl Dragonfly – Anklyosaurus Heron – Stegosaurus Duck – Stegosaurus

Veolia Truck Visit

There was a special visitor in the carpark on Monday Morning; a waste disposal truck called Munch! The children learned all about waste and what happens to our recycling. Did you know that when food waste is collected, it is used to make electricity? The children enjoyed going into the truck cabin, sitting in the driver’s seat and seeing how the crusher works. Thank you to the Veolia staff for their time.

Year 2 visit Hyde Hall

On Monday and Tuesday this week Year 2 have enjoyed their trips to Hyde Hall in Rettendon. The two days supported all our learning we have been doing about woodland and mini-beast habitats. Each class spent some in the brand new education building carrying out a range of different tasks. These included planting some cress seeds, making leaf baskets, using magnifying glasses to explore the ‘dead’ table and creating some beautiful leaf rubbings. Outside in the woodland area the classes had an opportunity to become a ‘squirrel’ and bury an acorn, however they had to remember where they had buried it, once they had come back from the exciting walk to feed the ducks. When they returned they prove

Year 2 Multi Cultural Week Harvest Celebrations

In Year 2 we have enjoyed celebrating Harvest and Multicultural week. Throughout our Multicultural week each class learnt a few facts about a chosen country and helped cook something from their chosen country. Squirrel Class learnt all about Mexico and cooked Nachos and Salsa, Hedgehog Class found out all about France and made a delicious Yoghurt Cake, Otter Class enjoyed exploring India and made a Chickpea Salad, Badger Class enjoyed learning about Italy and made Pizza and finally Fox Class learnt some facts about Scotland and made some yummy Shortbread. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and had a wonderful time tasting all the delicious foods with their invited adult. T

Year 1 visit Waitrose

Year 1 enjoyed their trips to Waitrose this week. During the visits the children made their own individual fruit crumble. They practised safe cutting skills, rubbing together the butter and flour to make their topping and assembling their crumble. They also went on a guided tour of the store. They were shown how to identify traffic lights on food to see whether they are healthy or not. They visited the fish counter and learnt about different fish. They even got to go inside the Warehouse and see how they recycle and had a rather chilly experience in the freezer! Many thanks to all our parent helpers who were able to accompany us there and back.

Travelling by Tuba assembly

On Friday 5th October 2018 KS1 were wowed with an assembly from the ‘Travelling By Tuba’ performance group. With the help of the two presenters the children were taken through a historical journey focusing on a selection of instruments and music from different points in British History. The assembly started with a musical flagwaving procession, before stepping back in time to listen to instruments from two of Britain’s most early invaders: the Vikings and the Romans. The children loved the experience of clapping along with the rhythm and listening to the unusual sounds and melodic tunes from through the ages. We were also introduced to sounds from the Tudors, the Industrial Revolution and

Year 1 Multicultural week

Year 1 really enjoyed their Multicultural week. They learned about lots of different food, practised cooking skills and shared their food with the adults. Newt Class – Spain Newt class made Patatas Bravas; they had to chop and roast the potatoes and make a tomato sauce. Frog Class – Italy Frog class made pizza and added lots of different toppings. Dragonfly - Greece Dragonfly class made some greek dips including Tzatziki and hummus. Heron Class – Pakistan Heron class made flatbreads from scratch and ate them with raita. Duck Class - Scotland Duck class made traditional shortbread.

Book Fair

Hamstel Infant School held its first Book Fair of the year, after school and during our September 2018 parent evenings. The selection of books was eye catching and inspiring and each night the book cases were a great source of curiosity and excitement. We would like to express our thanks to all the families and staff that took part and share that we were able to raise £182.95 towards the cost of free books for the school.

Open Days for Reception 2019 applicants

Dates for parents/carers to visit the school with the view to start Reception in September 2019 are as follows: Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November at 10:00am or 1:30pm and Wednesday 14th November at 6:00pm. Pre-booking is essential as there are a limited number of spaces available on each tour. Please contact the school office on 01702 468461 to book a visit. The school office is open 8:00-4:15pm.

Year 1 fossil workshop

Year 1 became palaeontologists for the day as they explored real life fossils! With the help of a real-life dinosaur expert they uncovered real fossils using their fossil brushes and tools. They then used the evidence they found to identify the species of dinosaur and apply their knowledge and identify whether they were a carnivore or herbivore! The children loved this real life experience which helped to develop their scientific enquiry skills and develop their scientific vocabulary.

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