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At Hamstel Infant School and Nursery we believe our curriculum offer meets the needs of the children in our community.  We pride ourselves in offering a flexible, enriched, connected and nurturing curriculum that goes beyond the statutory requirements. We understand the importance of offering a knowledge and skills-based curriculum as guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum requirements. 

Our curriculum is driven through our key 5 drivers:

  • Oracy and Vocabulary Development

  • Theme based learning

  • WE CARE: Our School Values

  • Quality first-class teaching

  • Enrichment Opportunities

We aim to: 

Deliver the Hamstel Headlines by ensuring all staff are skilled in our fundamental techniques that we believe make the difference to all children in their learning.

  • To emphasis early language development to enrich all children and allow them to access the full age appropriate curriculum.  

  • To use themes and high quality books to hook, excite, enthuse and engage learners in a connected and meaningful curriculum.

  • To have a fully inclusive and nurturing approaching that gives us clear knowledge and understanding of the needs of all our children.

  • To offer a flexible curriculum which allows for adaptations and creates opportunities to secure learning ensuring children remember more and can do more.

  • To provide all learners opportunities to develop their cultural capital through a variety of enrichment experiences.

This is achieved through:

  • Organised environments which are safe and engaging

  • Our WE CARE values that flow through our curriculum to support the children in current and future learning

  • Engaging themes that have connections across the subjects and vocabulary development

  • Allowing the children to gain knowledge, develop new skills and have new experiences inside and outside the curriculum

  • Well-planned sequenced lessons and talk opportunities

  • Explicit planning of deliberate vocabulary through our themes and subjects

  • Carefully structured planning that is progressive from Nursery to end of KS1

  • Adapted planning, tasks, modelling, scaffolding, questioning and outcomes that meet the needs of all children

  • Linked planning to previous and future learning to build on children’s schemas

  • Quality First Teaching that is driven through our commitment of our Hamstel Headlines

  • Staff having high expectations of themselves and others

  • Collaborative and independent learning

  • Assessment for Learning being used to ensure knowledge is embedded, understanding is checked and opportunities to practise and apply previously learnt skills or knowledge independently

  • Enrichment opportunities that go beyond our learners statutory curriculum and provide extended learning in a meaningful and memorable way

 How will we know we have achieved our aims?

  • All children are exposed to and use a wide variety of appropriate vocabulary across the curriculum, which will improve language acquisition and understanding. Children are encouraged to use full sentences when responding and explaining their ideas.

  • Children are engaged and positive about their learning, they confidently build on previous knowledge and skills, making links within their learning and the world.

  • Children are resilient, confident and independent learners.  The children have the social and emotional age appropriate skills to achieve academic and social successes.  Children understand the school values and these are celebrated weekly.

  • Children make excellent progress across the curriculum from their starting points to meet appropriate age-expected outcomes. Children will remember more and do more!

  • All children are prepared and ready for the next stage in their journey.  The children will have built on their life experiences through a nurturing, flexible and enriched curriculum.

Our Curriculum Intent

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