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Healthy Smiles

At Hamstel Infant School and Nursery we want to provide our children and parents with great advice in how to care for teeth and have good oral health. In order for us to provide our children with the best start for oral care, we want to limit their intake of sugary foods and drinks, improve brushing and help them to understand the importance of dental visits.  

3 Steps to good Oral Health
Child at the Dentist
Child Brushing Teeth

At Hamstel Infant School and Nursery, we endeavour to improve our children’s oral health through a toothbrushing pilot scheme. It is important that children establish good tooth brushing habits at an early age; they should also be supervised by an adult until they are at least 7 years old.

In Nursery and Reception, the children will be starting to brush their teeth once a day at school to help prevent tooth decay, this is due to the rise in tooth decay in children under 5 in Southend. As a school we will be working closely with Public Health and the Community Dental Service (CDS) to support the children in brushing and oral hygiene at school.

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