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At Hamstel Infant and Nursery School we use a cross-curricula approach and quality texts to inspire and give purpose to young writer’s. We aim to develop the children’s ability to become fluent, coherent and confident writer’s. Writing is a crucial part of our curriculum and all children from EYFS to End of KS1 are provided with many opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum in a variety of ways.  As the children’s vocabulary grows and develops we aspire for all children to apply their new knowledge and understanding within their written work



In EYFS the first stages of writing development are linked closely to physical development. Fine and Gross motor activities alongside daily handwriting sessions ensure our children are ready to write. Adult directed learning is used to teach new knowledge and skills with the support of an adult whilst continuous provision allows children time to practice, consolidate and improve their skills. Each learning base has a writing area, where a variety of writing tools can be accessed freely by the children, in addition writing opportunities are provided in other areas of the environment as a prompt and stimulus for writing. Our themed based curriculum provides exciting opportunities and gives purpose to the children’s writing.



Using our thematic approach and our choices of high quality books the children are inspired to produce high quality writing with meaning.  Through this approach the children have the opportunities to practice a range of sentence level and grammar skills, culminating a final piece of written work each week.  All children have opportunities to write to a variety of taught genres which include non-chronological reports, diary entries, letters, stories and newspaper reports.  Writing opportunities are also provided across other subjects with a clear expectation of applying skills learnt within their English lessons.


Spelling in KS1

Spelling is predominately taught daily through RWInc (phonics).  In Year 1 the children have additional opportunities to practice and apply their weekly spelling focus.  In Year 2 we follow the Year 2 RWInc spelling program which introduces the children to new alternative graphemes to spell words and the use of suffixes to change the meanings of words e.g. –ing, -ed, -ment, -ly.  The Year 2 children have regular opportunities to practice and apply their new learnt spelling patterns.


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