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At Hamstel Infant and Nursery School, we believe that Music should be an enjoyable experience for both pupils and teachers. The children will participate in a range of musical experiences which will also build upon their confidence at the same time. 


We follow the Charanga Scheme which has progressive units to follow. The learning within this Scheme is based on: Listening and Appraising; Musical Activities and Creating and Exploring; Singing and Performing. 

Within EYFS the children have daily musical experiences including singing and exploring how to make music. The children can explore a variety of instruments during continuous provision and have time throughout their day to sing familiar nursery rhymes and learn new ones. The children are introduced to different genres of Music, playing whilst they come into school and begin to start their day.

In KS1 the children deepen their understanding of genres, by exploring on a different genre each term such as Jazz, Pop and Classical. We build upon children’s prior knowledge and begin to develop their understanding of rhythm and pitch as well as learn how music is structured. The children will be encouraged to use their oracy skills and use the taught key vocabulary for explaining these different elements. 

As children’s confidence builds, they enjoy the performance aspect of Music which includes performing parts of songs they have learnt on an instrument, such as a Glockenspeil. Throughout their time at Hamstel Infant School and Nursery, the children will experience listening to music from different cultures and eras and will learn to respond to this in a variety of ways. We have a weekly singing assembly where the children learn to sing a range of songs chorally, in time to Music, this is a great way for them to explore their skills learnt through their Music lessons. 

Over their time at Hamstel Infants the children are able to explore a mixture of musical experiences, our KS1 choir allows the children to learn and perform songs in the wider community. We provided Music lessons, which include instrument sessions for the children to take part in throughout the years. 


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