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At Hamstel Infant and Nursery School, we value the importance of the History curriculum and making it enjoyable and engaging for all. We want pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of the past which helps to stimulate pupils’ curiosity. Our History curriculum is driven through our themes and books that provide context to their learning. We aim to provide opportunities for our young children to begin to grasp the concept of the passing of time whilst developing their historical vocabulary, early enquiry skills, asking and answering questions, making simple comparisons using a variety of sources. This supports their development of their Historical skills and knowledge. We ensure there are opportunities to cover and explore important current events that will become part of the children’s own History and memories.

In EYFS knowledge, skills and concepts are covered through meeting the aims of the Statutory Framework for the EYFS alongside Development Matters. History is covered throughout continuous provision and taught lessons through our chosen themes. We aim to cover areas of learning that are relevant to our children including their past, special events and the historical stories and figures involved.


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