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At Hamstel we follow the RWInc phonics programme. RWInc is a complete phonics programme designed to ensure all children learn to read accurately and fluently. From Nursery our children start to learn to read single sounds, blending these sounds into words and then learning to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes.

Children are assessed every six weeks and grouped accordingly to ensure that teaching and learning matches their next steps. One-to-One tutoring sessions are used effectively to support children to ensure that they keep up.

As soon as children are able to segment and blend sounds to read words they read RWI fully decodable books that are matched to the group they are working in. Book Bag books are sent home to support children’s reading at home. All children are encouraged to read their book several times to support the development of fluency, understanding and enjoyment.

Once children have completed the RWI programme they are given a colour banded book to match their reading ability and understanding of text.

RWInc Phonics

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