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At Hamstel Infant School and Nursery we understand the importance of the teaching of Geography to develop children's interests and understanding of places and environments, including their local area and beyond. We seek to inspire children's curiosity and aim to lead to every child viewing themselves as a successful ‘Geographer’ who harbours an excitement to explore. Our Hamstel Headlines form part of our drive for quality first teaching in writing across the school.  

 We aim:

  • For all children to receive a broad, balanced geography curriculum that immerses them in learning that is memorable, engaging and meaningful. 

  • To offer all children a curriculum that ensures the progressive development of their geographical concepts, knowledge and skills.  

  • To directly teach and develop subject specific vocabulary to children. To create opportunities to enrich and secure learning, ensuring children remember more and can therefore do more.

  • All children have opportunities to practise and develop their geographical skills through carefully planned opportunities.

  • To ensure all children can verbally articulate and express their knowledge and understanding of an age-appropriate, ambitious geography curriculum.

  • That by the end of Key Stage One, all of our children will have participated in a range of learning opportunities and experiences, inside and outside the classroom that enhances their skills, knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts.


 This will be achieved by:

  • Enquiry based learning linked to our themes where possible

  • Promoting geographical curiosity

  • Using our school grounds and our local community to enhance geography learning

  • Teaching deliberate subject specific vocabulary to enhance vocabulary development

  • Modelling key vocabulary and the use Stem sentences support children’s articulation and oracy skills

  • A carefully planned geography curriculum that shows progression and sequenced lessons from Nursery to end of KS1.

  • Adapting outcomes, tasks and resources to meet the needs of all children

  • Use of formative assessment to build on previous learning and move learning forward

  • Have a range of resources to enhance the teaching and learning of geography


How will we know we have achieved our aims?

  • Children will use geographical vocabulary correctly to communicate their understanding of taught vocabulary.

  • Children will begin to realise they have choices in the world, developing a positive commitment to the environment and future of the planet

  • Children will begin to make connections from geography to curriculum areas

  • Children will develop their enquiry skills, and inquisitiveness about the world around them

  • Children will become competent in age-appropriate observing, collecting, interpreting and communicating geographical information

  • The learning of geography is loved by teachers and children across the school.

  • Teachers have high expectations and children make good progress across their geography lessons

  • All children speak confidently and positively about their geography learning

Geography Curriculum Intent

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