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In Year 2 we continue to build on the key skills the children develop in Year 1.  The Year 2 children enjoy learning through a variety of inspiring themes which encompass their interests when promoting and delivering a rich curriculum.  Our themes give us a hook into exciting writing, books, exploration both indoors and outdoors as well as creative opportunities. In Year 2 we enjoy finding out about people in the past such as Scott of the Antarctic and significant events in the past such as the Titanic. In Geography we like to find out about different places around the world such as Antarctica and Brazil.  The children have more opportunities to represent our school further by being involved with different sports, sporting competitions, the Dance Festival and Music Festival.  

During Year 2 the children become more independent, confident and further develop a self-awareness for their own learning.  By the end of Year 2 the children are ready for the next stage of the journey into Key-Stage 2. Carefully managed transition events and activities help this to be a smooth process for each child.

Meet the Team

Outdoor Learning

Mrs V. Tracy

Assistant Headteacher

Fox Class Teacher


Mr J. Sayer

Badger Class Teacher

Miss L. Crowe

Hedgehog Class Teacher

Miss B. Ayres

Otter Class Teacher

Miss P. Dixon

Squirrel Class Teacher

Miss C. Golding

Year 2 Teacher

Monday 15th November - Fox

Tuesday 16th November - Squirrel

Wednesday 17th November - Badger

Thursday 18th November - Hedgehog

Friday 19th November – Otter

Monday 6th December - Fox

Tuesday 7th December - Squirrel

Wednesday 8th December - Badger

Thursday 9th December - Hedgehog

Friday 10th December – Otter

PE Days


Monday - Hedgehog Class

Tuesdays - Badger Class

Wednesdays - Otter Class

Thursdays - Squirrel Class

Fridays - Fox Class


Badger Class - Mondays

Fox Class - Tuesdays

Hedgehog Class  - Wednesdays

Otter Class - Thursdays

Squirrel Class - Fridays

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