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Science Week

We have had a fantastic scientific time during Science Week this year. The whole school was involved from Nursery up to Year 2. We have investigated, explored and made a jolly good mess in the process!

Awe and Wonder

Each year group organised a brilliant ‘Awe and Wonder’ afternoon. This allowed the children to explore new ideas, make predictions and talk about what they have seen and experienced. In Year 1 and 2 each class teacher ‘hosted’ a different experiment, allowing the children to move around their year group to experience each different task.

Nursery had lots of fun making predictions, they investigated what would happen when water is added to water beads, talked about how magnets pull or push paper clips and looked at ice and how it changes over time.

Reception took their Awe and Wonder outside, they screamed with delight when Mentos made coke explode out of the bottle, looked at how puddles evaporate in the sun and explored colour mixing using skittles!

Year 1 learnt how to clean coins using vinegar and salt, made predictions as to how to melt ice the fastest, make paper helicopters, learnt how the water cycle works using shaving foam and a jar and finally made plastic bag parachutes.

Year 2 made lemon volcano’s, explored how to make strong bridges out of a single sheet of paper, made balloon cars and use crayons to discover how penguins stay dry.

Soil Investigation

Year 1 were very lucky to have Petra Holly to visit them, she is a local Artist and STEM Ambassador. She created a brilliant soil investigation for Year 1, where they made predictions as to how quickly different soil types could drain water, they used their senses for explore the different types of soil and then they all got extremely messy making seed bombs. We will wait until the Autumn to plant out (or throw!) our seed bombs and hopefully the Outdoor Learning area will become awash with bee friendly colour next year.


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