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Panathlon Fun

For the second year running Team Hamstel took part in the Panathlon Sports Hall Games. The event took place on Monday 3rd July at Alleyn Court School. The team of six were very excited and couldn't wait to get to the event to start competing. The sports hall was set up with 6 different activities that the team would need to move round and try to score as many points as possible at each station. Each activity was being explained and run by young leader for Alleyn Court.

The first activity for Team Hamstel was a giant target, the children had to try to throw and stick coloured balls to the matching colour on the target. If they hit the green with the green ball they got 1 point, red was 2 points, blue was 3 points and the small yellow was 4 points. The team did really well scoring lots of points and on one of his turns Kasey scored the maximum 10 points.

The team then moved round to the next activity which was a curling game. The children had to slide three 'stones' on rollers to land them on the target, the further they pushed them the more points they could get, but if they went too hard the stones would go past the target and they would score zero. The team were quick and got lots of goes, and each time the children were getting a better feel and were scoring really highly. Charlie found the perfect way to score some 5 pointers.

The next game involved skittles. The children had to bowl a ball to knock down a line of skittles. Once one was knocked down it went into the scoring zone and after all ten skittles were knocked down the children had to rush to put all the skittles back up to try and do it again. The team did amazingly well and managed to knock all the skittles down twice in their time. Harleigh-Jo had the skill to knock down the difficult final skittles.

The team had a little break before starting their fourth activity, a Boccia game where the children had to sit on a bench and aim balls into the targets. The closest target was worth one point the middle targets two and the furthest two skittles were worth 3 points if they got knocked down. The team worked well together collecting points throughout their time. Corey had a fantastic aim and managed to knock down the skittle lots of times scoring 3 points every time.

The penultimate event for the team was a floor target with different points on each space. The tricky part was that the children had to throw bean bags that slid off the target easily and they were only allowed one bean bag in each space to count towards the points. The team had some good aims scoring the highest points on the mat. George found his accuracy and scored well getting a few 12 point shots.

The final activity was a basketball game. The children had three shots to try and score and each time the shot got further away. If the children for all three shots in they had a bonus shot. The team were good and lots of people managed to get a bonus, shot, but no one other than Connor got all 4 shots in, with some great shooting. The team collected lots of points from the final activity.

The team waited to find out where they finished after their morning of hard work and effort. The results were read out and Team Hamstel finished 4th. The children were really happy to receive their medals to a loud applause from the school sports hall.


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