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Hamstel Infant School have a new Reading Assistant!

Ben the dog, is our new Reading Assistant!

The Reception children at Hamstel Infant School have been very excited to have Ben our trained P.A.T. (Pets As Therapy) dog visit them in their classes. Ben has been trained as a P.A.T. dog since 2013, he comes in to help the children to read and communicate and help to improve their Literacy skills.

Ben also provides comfort, encourages positive social behaviours, enhances self-esteem and inspires the children to have fun while they are learning.

Ben and his owner Sally attend school every Wednesday to read with the Reception children.

One child, Hannah said, “It was good because I love the dog. I am really brave now about dogs.”

Another child, Olivia said, “I liked Ben, I took him for a walk around the Library.”

Ben’s favourite treats are carrots which he likes to children to give him as a reward.

Hamstel Infant School would like to say a huge thank you to Sally for bringing Ben to us. He really is a lovely dog and a real asset to have in school.


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