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Nite Owls swooped in for a flying visit…

On Monday 14th October the Year 2 children at Hamstel Infants were excited to have some special visitors for the morning. Some stunning Owls came to visit and carried out a fantastic display and informative chat with their carers Erika and Olivia from Nite Owls.

The children were lucky enough to meet some different owls some being Whisper, Dotty, Cookie, Monty and a range of species which included Barn Owls and A Little Owl.

The owls demonstrated how wide their wing span is and how low they fly when hunting by swooping silently over their heads, not a sound was heard from any of the owls. Some children were lucky enough to participate in the flying of the owls, holding the owl whilst it took off and then catching the owl once it landed.

Erika and Olivia explained that there over 200 different species of owls and they can be found all over the world. The children were also fascinated by other ‘owl facts’ such as how they digest their food and then bring up ‘pellets’, where you may find small bones of the animal they might have had for their dinner. They also found out that owls have an amazing sense of hearing for catching their prey and can turn their heads all the way round!

Once the children had watched the fascinating display they had the opportunity to meet Whisper the Barn Owl up close and have their photo taken with him.

The children had an amazing first-hand experience meeting these beautiful birds of prey up close and they were truly wowed by the owls. A big thank you to Erika and Olivia for bringing their ‘Nite Owls’ to visit Hamstel Infants.

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